The solution for professionals

The azultec RenderMaster 500 is a powerful addition to your 19 inch server rack. The RenderMaster’s main focus is to enhance CGI rendering performance. It is a unique liquid cooled server with 9 GPUs to be hosted on a single motherboard, substantially reducing the amount of components required.

For industrial use:
azultec RenderMaster 500

The RenderMaster 500 is the top-level industrial solution for cloud computing. With 9 RTX 2080TI GPUs and 128GB of RAM on a 19 inch Rack, this machine is made for CGI rendering! But it can also mine crypto currencies and run machine learning. Thanks to its liquid cooling, the perfomance is significantly better than aircooled solutions.

azultec wizard machine 300 4

— Azultec RenderMaster 500

Technical specs

GPU processing

9 x NVidia RTX 2080TI

w/ 11GB GDDR6, liquid cooled

Power supply

3200 Watt

Internal memory

  • 128GB DDR4 EEC Samsung PC4 2666V RC2 12 MA0

Computing performance

Octanebench Score: 2640 

515 MHash/s



4 x 1 TB V-NAND SSD Samsung 860Pro in Raid 0 + 1