We are azultec

Welcome, we are azultec. We want to offer you the easiest way to earn crypto currencies. In order to do that, we created the azultec Cube, a state-of-the-art mining computer. With the Cube, you can earn crypto currencies through mining, by being part of our decentralized cloud storage solution and by joining our cloud computing network.

The azultec core team

Who is azultec?

The team behind azultec is a joint team of three successful high tech enterprises. Alphacool is a water-cooling manufacturer with clients in the IT, automotive and enterprise business – some of you might know them or even use their liquid cooling solutions. Aquatuning is the biggest warehouse and distributor for DIY PC liquid cooling worldwide. And finally, technikPR is the most technical PR agency in Europe with some of the worlds top Fortune 500 technology companies as clients.

This is the core team of azultec that has been working on developing the Cube, but also creating the whole environment around the Cube, that makes the Cube so much more than just a crypto currency miner.

A clear roadmap for azultec

We have a clear roadmap ahead of us, that – while being ambitious – also is a great motivator for us at azultec.

We are investigating how to produce our own graphics cards and mainboards to optimize the efficiency of our Cubes even further. We are developing a business orientated 19″ server rack solution for wind parks and enterprises. Our engineers are working on a heat-to-cool conversion to take advantage of the generated heat during summertime. And we haven’t even mentioned the amazing project: The integration of fuel cells!

The ICO – starting March 5th 2019

The azultec ICO is managed by our German company with a then-existing product made in Germany. We have a fully crowded road-map with exciting updates – granting frequent word of mouth.

We made investing as easy as possible. Our Dashboard guarantees a hassle-free registration and you can even participate using US Dollar or Euro.

The total demand for the Azul tokens will be calculated after the ICO. The sold tokens together make up 60% of the total tokens. These will be transferred to the ICO participants. Subsequently, 40% of tokens will be calculated and generated for azultec. In this way, we can guarantee a smooth 60:40 distribution.

So stay tuned for more news. We are working with all our might on the Cube and creating a product, that makes it possible to bring earning crypto currencies to the next level!

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