Use AZUL token to obtain discount on azultec products

What is an ICO?

azultec® offers a wide range of high performance computers.

Our mid-range workstation

The azultec Cube 300 contains unique, upgraded graphics cards that are designed to achieve the best possible performance for CGI rendering. This mid-range workstation is equipped with 8 inno3D NVIDIA P-104 graphic cards, 2 TB HDD memory and 8 GB DDR4-RAM. But it can also mine crypto currencies and run machine learning. Each graphics card is water cooled to ensure that it operates in the best manner possible.

The solutions for professionals

The azultec RenderMasters are a real addition to your 19 inch server rack. The RenderMaster’s main focus is to enhance CGI rendering performance. They are unique liquid cooled servers with 4, 8 or 9 GPUs (RenderMaster® 250, 300, 400/500) to be hosted on a single motherboard, substantially reducing the amount of components required.

Use your AZUL tokens to obtain discount on azultec®  products

You want to buy the azultec Cube or a Rendermaster? Then you can use your AZUL tokens. One AZUL is worth up to 0.05 $ on special. For your individual offer please contact us via e-mail:


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