How can I make profit with tokens?

The reasons why investors choose to become a part of a crypto project vary a lot but, in the end, they are all looking for a profitable investment. But how does making profit with tokens even work and which steps should you follow to maximize your chances for financial gain? Read it here!

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Crypto projects have been a part of the investment business for some time now. They have left their underdog role far behind and have become a profitable and pretty reliable opportunity to diversify one’s portfolio. But like any other form of financial endeavour it is necessary to do some homework beforehand.

There are many forms of tokens in the crypto world. For this post we are focusing on one of the most common ones: the utility token.

Choose wisely – the key to it all!

It is always risky to blindly invest in a business, crypto based or not, so take your time and check the crypto project for its benefits and USPs. If a project is based on a unique approach, chances are higher that it will turn out to be a profitable business. Hardly anyone is interested in just another crypto project that is just like many other already on the market.

Also, the project’s unique product must have a real benefit for the customer and project tokens must have a valuable use within the project.  Ask yourself how a token can turn out to be useful for a customer. Does it provide him with services, products, discounts or any other equivalent to a financial perk?

After all, one of the most important thing is to check is if the project has already done some sort of fundraising or built up financial resources in any other way. It’s always a sign for a risky investment, If the ICO is the first time a project is getting a pecuniary backup because that most likely means that the development of the connected product is in an early stage. Development, building prototypes, testing and production are steps that need a lot of financial resources. Preferably, the project should already have travelled a good portion down that road before the ICO starts, simply to minimize the risks for investors and present an appealing business.

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Trade to generate profit

Let’s say you did all that. You found an interesting project with good prospects and you took part in the ICO and bought tokens. How do you make money with them? The answer is pretty simple. Just like crypto currencies (coins), tokens are traded on exchanges. Every token has a certain value that is determined by demand and supply. If the demand for those tokens rises, so does the value. Of course, the key is when to buy and when to sell. If you have chosen to become an investor during the ICO, you already most likely made a wise decision. When you invested in a sustainable project, chances are very good that the prize for your tokens will rise after the ICO and even increase in the long term from there on.

The most important thing for trading is that the token gets listed on those exchanges. Not all projects will clear that hurdle since exchange operators have become pickier with the time. They are interested in providing good trade options for their customers to keep the business alive and growing.

If you keep to all that, you will maximize the chance for making some good profit and becoming a part of the next big thing in the crypto world.

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How does azultec keep up with those steps?

The key element to azultec is the unique product: the cube! The cube is a high-performance computing rig that allows you to use energy from renewable sources, like solar panels on the top of your roof or a fuel cell. It’s also possible to recuperate up to 72% of the generated heat to feed your home’s heating or help operating a hot water storage.

The cube can be used for crypto mining but also for being part of a cloud storage system or cloud computing network. It gets rid of the high energy costs usual mining systems cause. No comparable product has been brought to the market yet. This shows how innovative and unique the concept of azultec really is.

The development of the cube has come down a long way by now. Prototypes have been up and running for testing for a while and azultec is looking forward to bringing the finished designs onto the market within Q1 2019.

But how about the tokens? The Azul Token will give customers discounts for purchasing mining gear, cloud services provided by azultec and even for technical services, like installing the cube at their homes. This gives token owners a real financial advantage within the project.

As of right now azultec has been in contact with and other exchange platforms to help get the Azul Token up for trading as fast as possible.

Please feel free to check out the azultec website if you are interested in the project or take a look at the white paper for full information about the business model and ICO.

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