Get to know the CEOs of azultec

Have you ever wanted to know more about the people behind azultec®? The CEOs of azultec have two successful companies as the backbone. Alphacool – the cooling company, Aquatuing – the biggest distributor for DIY liquid cooling.

Here are a few more information about the CEOs of azultec:

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Andreas Rudnicki (CEO)

Andreas is an entrepreneur with successful online shops. He has been focusing on liquid cooling at Alphacool and Aquatuning since 2003. Through multiple mining clients, he came in contact with cryptocurrencies over the years, developing an ever-growing interest.

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It was his idea to build the most efficient mining computer – the azultec® Cube. Over the months the mining computer evolved into a multifunctional supercomputer not just focusing on mining but also on Rendering and an own decentralized cloud working on all Cubes as nodes for additional income for the owners.

Nathanael Draht (CEO)

Nathanael is the general manager of azultec®. As founder, shareholder and general manager of Aquatuning, he has led an idea from a starting point with no money to a 10.000.000€ business within 15 years. His company is led by Christian values such as honesty, trust, faithfulness, forgiveness, excellent performance and a long-term mindset.

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In 2018, he started investing in cryptocurrencies and understanding the new area. In 2019 the first cryptocurrency mining farms were equipped with liquid cooling to increase overall performance. In respect to the crypto community, his goal with azultec® is it to cooperate and let the community take advantage of the next inventions of liquid-cooled rendering. In his opinion the crypto world needs to go the next step into real products, so he brings together in practice, what others only talk about.

Andreas role at azultec®

He is the product manager for all hardware parts. Especially redesign of new mainboards for Rendering usage, including liquid cooling and special computer cases. He is the driving force of azultec.

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What Andreas thinks about the idea behind azultec®

He is certain azultec® will take Rendering and Cloud Computing, especially Cloud Storage to the next level. The generated heat of high-end computers is not wasted, azultec® will use this heat to heat homes or in the hot water system in general. For server farms, azultec® is also investing in a new field to create energy from heat or to use the generated heat for cooling which he believes will revolutionize the economics of data centers.

Nathanael’s role at azultec®

His part at azultec® is to take care of legal requirements and to be available for any questions from our customers.

Apart from that, he is responsible to find the right employees, work on cooperation with business partners and work on the future, roadmap, and products that will come.

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What Nathanael thinks about the idea behind azultec®

Computer on demand is a big business which is covered mainly by big global players. He wants to bring this business to normal people’s home. So that they create a decentralized cloud storage and rendering network where everyone can particpate and profit from.

Furthermore, the idea to reuse the heat that is generated during high-performance computing like rendering and machine learning to heat your home is something he wants to see in thousands of houses come alive.

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