Free Token? The azultec referral program

azultec is offering every participant in the ICO the chance to earn additional tokens by using the referral program. This allows you to invite new users to participate in the azultec ICO and get some extra tokens depending on how big the investement by the new member is.

Don’t know, what azultec is? Watch this video:

It’s all in your ICO dashboard

Once of you have logged in into the dashboard, you’ll find a complete overview about all your activities, like transactions and messages.

Refer new participants and get free tokens

Just follow the link on the left that says „referral program“ to get your referral link. This link allows you to invite new users to participate in the azultec ICO. But why should you do that? Because azultec will give you free tokens for every user who invests based on your referral link.

azultec referral program link

You’ll get 10% of any investment made in the pre-sale phase (that used your refereall link) and 5% for investments made during the crowd-sale phase. These tokens will be provided by azultec. Any new investor using a referall link won’t pay anything on top.

As you can see, the referral program by azultec is an absolute win-win scenario. Help us to spread the word about azultec and get your reward in form of tokens. Register now at

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