Extended ICO Registration

The ICO Registration is just around the corner now and we are glad to announce that we will expand the registration phase. The reason for that is simple: although we tried our very best – our products for the CES 2019 have not been cleared by customs.

The CES 2019 for us is the event during which we want show the public what products azultec is offering and has been developing in 2018. It is the event, where we wanted to prove our claims and that they are backed up by a well designed and well build product.

It is the event, where we invited a lot of journalists and potential partners, to let them experience, what we have been working on tirelessly for the past year and why we are so excited about it.

ICO Registration will be extended

In any case, the registration for the ICO will still start on Tuesday, January 8th. And we will expand the registration period with the new date for the ICO being March 5th.

We are convinced that transparency in this matter is important, to let everyone understand what happened. We have put a lof of effort into CES until this point, we will be in our Suite and we will have all appointments, so that they can meet us, talk to us and get to know us.

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