CES Innovation Honoree award for azultec Cube 300 – Sustainability and Eco-Design

Each year, the CES Innovation Awards are being held in the course of the event. In 2019, the azultec Cube managed to win the Honoree award in the category Sustainability and Eco-Design. But what makes the Cube stand out in that regard? Read more here!

The azultec Cube: a unique approach

At this year’s CES more than 4500 companies presented the newest technological advances from all over the world. But as always, only a handful of products managed to shake up the tech-world in ways that are noteworthy. The azultec Cube managed to impress, when it came to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

For a long time, it seemed impossible to have a device that is powerful enough for high-performance computing as well as being eco-friendly at the same time. The energy demands of crypto-miners and other high-performance applications have always been a difficult issue to deal with, especially for those who have been looking for an easy-to-use device.

The azultec Cube aims to solve these issues with its unique approach and got rewarded with the CES Innovation Honoree Award 2019 (category: Sustainability and Eco-Design) for doing so. The Cube is an eco-friendly supercomputer with enough power for high-performance applications like cloud rendering while also keeping its noise to a bare minimum. The integrated water-cooling-system is what keeps the Cube, and its sister product, the WizardMachine, quiet and cool.

The plug-and-play-design makes its installation more than easy. Simply connect it to power and internet and your personal supercomputer is ready to create some profit. You can maximize the financial outcome when combining the Cube with power generated by a photovoltaic system. This way, you can put the excess power produced by the photovoltaic installation to good use and even transform it into money by letting the Cube do its job.

The future of the azultec Cube

Later iterations and models of the Cube and WizardMachine will allow its users to recuperate up to 72% of the heat generated by these supercomputers by connecting it to a heating system or warm water supply. This will help to minimize the already low maintenance costs of the machines while also help to work towards a greener and brighter future.

The engineers at azultec are also working on a version of the Cube and WizardMachine that will be powered by a fuel cell, in order to successfully use more forms of renewable and green energy.

Azultec has proven that there is a way to integrate powerful computing-rigs in an eco-friendly environment and put them to profitable use. You can join this amazing project by taking part in the ICO, starting March 5th, 2019. Follow the link for more information and registration: http://ico.azultec.de

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