How to store crypto token

Bitcoin wallet

Cryptocurrencies are on everyone’s lips and are slowly becoming acceptable. This is because more and more consumers are getting involved in mining. However, probably one of the most important points should not be neglected, i.e. the security of the earned currencies. And this is exactly where the so-called wallets come into play. In this post […]

How can I make profit with tokens?

token profit azultec

The reasons why investors choose to become a part of a crypto project vary a lot but, in the end, they are all looking for a profitable investment. But how does making profit with tokens even work and which steps should you follow to maximize your chances for financial gain? Read it here!

What is an ICO?

What is an ICO?

With crypto currencies becoming a part of the mainstream daily life, the abbreviation ICO has become more and more prominent too. But why has it become such an important term and what does it even mean for crypto enthusiasts and those who might become one? Here is our answer.