Save 50% on the azultec Cube 300

Cloud rendering with the Cube is an amazing and easy way to make money while having your hardware doing the job for you. azultec is now offering a great 50% discount deal for anyone interested in joining this profitable field. Read more to find out!

CES Innovation Honoree award for azultec Cube 300 – Sustainability and Eco-Design

Each year, the CES Innovation Awards are being held in the course of the event. In 2019, the azultec Cube managed to win the Honoree award in the category Sustainability and Eco-Design. But what makes the Cube stand out in that regard? Read more here!

Energy demand of Crypto-Miners

Cryptocurrencies open up promising opportunities for the future. But the increasing popularity is also attracting the attention of environmentalists. Because the more crypto-miners start working, the more electricity is consumed. In this blog post, we provide an overview of the current situation using Bitcoins as an example, explain the associated problems and list the possible […]