azultec IEO 2nd Round confirmed with ProBit

Thanks for your participation in the first azultec IEO round. For those who missed it, we are happy to announce that we will do a second IEO round on ProBit Exchange. Don’t miss it!

What is an IEO?

Please read our Blog post “IEOs – A new easy form of crypto fundraising” if you want to learn more about IEOs.

IEO Azul Token Sale Event

Our second IEO round will start on Wednesday 12 June on ProBit. We also offer a special Token Sale Event on ProBit where the highest purchases will be rewarded with extra Tokens.

azultec IEO ProBit benefits

Azultec will give the first 25 buyers who purchased Azul Tokens over $300 additional bonus. Also, the top 3 buyers will receive a bonus:

    1st place: 100,000 AZU (worth $2,400)

    2nd place: 75,000 AZU (worth $1,800)

    3rd place: 50,000 AZU (worth $1,200)

In total 250,000 Azul Tokens as a bonus are available. Please see the link at ProBit for further details and terms and conditions.

azultec® IEO on ProBit

You can buy Azul Tokens with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT) and PROB (ProBit) as a traditional currency. To purchase Azul Tokens with BTC, ETH, XRP or USDT, you will get a 15% Azul Token bonus and you will get additional 5% bonus so a total of 20% of Azul Tokens bonus when purchasing using PROB.

ProBit is one of the best-known exchange providers in the Asian region and has already successfully carried out a large number of IEOs. Some of them even achieved their goals within a few minutes.

azultec IEO ProBit ended IEOs

Investor benefits

Investors benefit from a reliable exchange platform and do not have to undergo another KYC process if they are already registered with ProBit. In addition, every IEO is meticulously vetted by ProBit.

azultec IEO details

Total Token Supply 2,083,333,334 Azul
Total IEO Allocation ~ 10% of total Tokens
IEO Rounds 1st Round 20-28 MAY at ProBit 2nd Round 12-18 JUNE at ProBit 3rd Round TBA
Sales Price 0.024 USD per Token
Hard Cap 5,000,000 USD

About azultec

Azultec aims to create a decentralized ecosystem around cloud storage, cloud computing, rendering and mining. What is rendering? Rendering is the process of creating an image from a model that has been given properties such as texture, color, and material.

The need for rendering performance is enormous, and not just for big software companies or Hollywood studios: 3D animation studios and advertising agencies also require large amounts of computing power to render their productions. Therefore, anyone who can deploy computing power in a cloud network can get paid for this.

Already available: The Cube and RenderMaster® workstations

azultec® already offers two workstations that are optimized for rendering tasks due to their hardware equipment, which includes a total of 8 water-cooled graphics cards. The Cube 300 is designed for home users and recuperates up to 72 percent of its generated heat, making it a very environmentally friendly solution. The RenderMaster® 300 in 19-inch server rack format is intended for industrial use and is also equipped with water-cooled components.

azultec IEO products

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