azultec ICO starts now!

azultec, provider of an eco-friendly concept for cloud computing, kicks off its ICO (Initial Coin Offering). This is to further optimize the production of water-cooled rendering workstations as well as to finance the development of the world’s largest decentralized cloud computing network. The ICO is managed from Germany.

The azultec ICO explained

The founding team of azultec combines the expertise of three renowned German companies from the IT and high-tech sectors: Aquatuning, Alphacool and technikPR. As a result, the company has over 100 years of combined experience in the technology industry with expertise in finance, taxes and marketing.

In order to enter the cloud computing market as quickly and efficiently as possible, azultec will optimize the mass production of the Cubes and RenderMasters during the ICO. The aim is to significantly optimize the efficiency and production costs of azultec products. Additionally, high-security data centers will be opened at strategically important locations in Europe, which will be equipped with the company’s business solutions.

The azultec ICO is completely managed from Germany. Complementing the already market-ready workstations, azultec offers a full roadmap that shows long-term objectives and exciting projects for the future. More details can be found here: azultec roadmap

Hassle-free participation in the ICO

azultec made participating as easy as possible. The dashboard enables an easy registration and the ability to participate in the ICO with both crypto and traditional currencies, such as US Dollars or Euros. In return, the inserts receive “azul” (AZU), the native token from azultec, which conforms to the popular ERC20 standard of the Ethereum platform.

Apart from selling tokens, azultec also offers special packages, including a trip to the azultec headquarters or a physical azul coin for example.

How the tokens are split

The total demand for azul tokens is calculated according to the ICO. The units sold account for 60 percent of the total amount of tokens. These will be transferred to the ICO participants. The remaining 40 percent of the tokens are generated for azultec itself, to ensure a perfect 60:40 distribution.

The distribution of azultec’s 40 percent of tokens is as follows:
• 65 percent of tokens are used as reserves, of which half are locked for six months and the remaining half are locked for 12 months;
• 10 percent of tokens are used for business negotiations;
• 10 percent of tokens are transferred to the partners;
• 15 percent of tokens go to the founders. These tokens will be locked for twelve months.

More details about the course of the ICO can be found in the azultec whitepaper linked at the end of this e-mail in the press material.

azultec Referral Program: Get free tokens

The ICO dashboard also allows users to generate a personal URL that can be forwarded both quickly and easily. azultec credits a certain amount of tokens for each successful ICO registration via this referral link. In the pre-sale phase the credit amounts to ten percent of the deposit, while during the crowd sale-phase the amount of tokens accounts to five percent. There are no extra charges for new participants. Thus, the azultec Referral Program offers no disadvantages. Neither for the inviting person nor for the new participant.

Interesed? Then please register via the following link:

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