What is recuperation and how does it work?

High performance computing devices generate a lot of heat. Not only is this heat usually wasted, in most cases additional energy is needed to cool down the components and the surroundings.

With the azultec recuperation, this heat will be reused in your domestic heating system, to reduce your operationg costs.

— What is the advantage?

Traditional watercooling vs. recuperation

A major issue with high performance computing devices (for example a miner) is the generated heat which usually is wasted. Even worse, in most cases additional energy is needed to cool down the components and the surroundings, to achieve the best performance.

azultec revolutionized the way of treating this heat issue. By using a high-performance water-cooling system, heat can be directed to your “heating buffer tank” of your domestic heating system. Now the heat can be used to produce warm water for a shower, a bath or your heating system. 

One Cube can provide enough heat to completely supply a 5-person home outside the heating season and therefore help to save heating costs.

Recuperation requirements

In order to use the benefits from recuperation, your heating system needs a “heating buffer tank”.

The Cube warms up this tank continuously. Due to the thermal stratification, it is possible to heat up a 2m tank to temperatures of more than 60 ° C and below 20 ° C. Thus, it is possible to tap the 60 °C warm water for home use while the Cube is continuously supplied with 20 °C cool water.

Additionally, the standard gas or oil heater is also connected to the tank. Outside the heating season the gas or oil heater is normally not needed, as the Cube produces enough heat for a 5-person home. During winter, the heat from the Cube may not be enough, so that the standard gas or oil heater helps to heat up the tank

— No special partner needed

Who can install the "heating buffer tank"?

The installation of a „heating buffer tank“ requires some technical skills and you need to unmount the already existing heating system to integrate it into the tank. You may be able to do it on your own if you have the required knowledge and tools. Otherwise, your local heating mechanic will be able to install the “heating buffer tank”. 

Normally the installation takes 1 to 2 days in which your heating system will not work – so it is recommended to do this installation outside the heating season.

The azultec Cube

With our Cube product line we offer state-of-the-art CGI rendering performance for home users.

  • High performance through optimized hardware
  • Water-cooling for higher stability and durability
  • Up to 8 GPUs optimized for CGI rendering
  • Recuperation to reduce operating costs and environmental impact
  • Easy to install, use and maintain

Example for an installed Cube

As shown in the schematic image, the Cube and standard heating system are close to the “heat buffer tank”. Normally the complete heating system is located in one room (in the basement), so that the tubes have a maximum length of 2 to 3 meters between the components. If you want to install the cube outside the heating room, for example in your office in the first floor, then you may need longer tubes. As solar panels are always installed on the rooftop, basically there is no technical problem with longer tubes. The only thing to take care about is the bigger insulation and the higher costs for longer tubes.